Partners and Associates


Mike Midgen

M2X Limited – Mike Midgen

Mike runs M2X Limited a UK privately held mobile strategy and business development company.  M2X experience includes running multinational operations for a French industrial electronics company, leading plastics and injection moulding for an international automotive firm, performing technology scouting and review for a major mobile handset company and launching technology products with entertainment companies such as Disney.



Nicholas Napp

Thingovation LLC – Nicholas Napp

Mr. Napp’s primary focus is business development, strategy & marketing. He has brought 20+ software products to market, founded four companies, managed a successful turnaround and been a member of an executive team that secured a $55M exit.

Mr. Napp has more than 10 years of animation production experience, 18 years in product management and product marketing, 12 years in business development and 3 years as a North America technology scout for a major mobile manufacturer. He has been an advisor to 30+ startups, a speaker at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and is an avid supporter of entrepreneurship in all its forms.



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Steve Bell

KeySo Global LLC – Steve Bell

Steve is an accomplished strategy, marketing and technology consultant, advisor, speaker and commentator on the mobile Internet and its impact on digital life. Steve worked with Motorola for over 20 years in Germany, the UK and USA, and has an in-depth understanding of international trends, markets and cultures. In addition to consulting, for the last 4  years he has been researching & developing tools and methodologies built within a strategic framework that enable companies to innovate, adapt and grow within the rapidly changing environment created by the converged Internet. He is an international advisor to the ICIN Conference and the Centre for Policy on Emerging Technologies (C-PET) as well as a member of the ITU Telecom World Technical Program Committee. Additionally he is a long time industrial fellow of Kingston University Business School.



Dr David Levy

TriCatalyst LLC / TH Inc/Dr David Levy

David is a classical inventor/entrepreneur. He formed TH, Inc. to license his inventions in 1991. 10 years later he spun out Digit Wireless, Inc with Chris Hare to market and license inventions specific to the then-fledgling wireless industry. Digit grew to have operations in Boston, Seoul, London, Hong Kong and Mumbai before being sold to Nuance Communications in 2010. David continues to perform invention and other intellectual property services to start-ups, law firms and Fortune 500 companies. His portfolio includes conceiving the original Powerbook design for Apple, including the creation of “palm rests” and the development of the first trackpad, now the standard design for laptop computers. David has over 20 US patents and his products have won over a dozen national and international awards for design and innovation. He has three engineering degrees from MIT, where he has taught general design courses to undergraduates and graduate courses on the removal of landmines.