Clients choose The nTeTe Group

Services are offered in:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Technology Licensing
  • Competitive Intelligence Services
  • Executive Coaching
  • Legal Process Development
  • Organisational Education Plans
  • Fundraising Support
  • Management of Innovation

Our expertise and services blanket a range of aspects on telecom, international business, intellectual property and marketing to drive your business forward.  We offer across markets lateral thinking, insight and a broad and deep industry network covering areas including operators, device makers, OS companies, application and service providers and the analyst/press community.

We work closely with you to develop, refine, and implement strategies for wireless that help you anticipate the market, drive results and provide company and shareholder value.

  • We have 25 + years experience based in Europe and the US with many many global companies delivering results.  We know how they think, work and act.  In this way we can help you act differently and get progress that is uncommon.
  • We have worked at the top of the food chain in wireless leading both start ups and global organisations to success.  This unique perspective blends the needed large company muscle and reach with the small company innovation and agility.

[box style=”light-blue announcement rounded shadow” ]Common sense – just isn’t.
Our experience leads us to conclusions that would take many careers to reach.[/box]

Projects range across the world with Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America our focus.  Past and present Clients/Projects include multinational aerospace/automotive companies, global handset and computing companies, IP development and licensing companies, accessories development organisations, media groups and application architecture firms.

We get you where you need to be and beyond.