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The nTeTe Group provides consulting services for the innovation within the Internet of Things and technology licensing community.

The nTeTe Group has been serving as management consultants and advisors to Global Fortune 500 and high-growth companies for more than a decade.

Experience To Help Your Business Grow

The nTete Group (nTeTe LLC) is a US based strategic consulting group supporting across International markets with extensive experience in the growth of organisations. Our key services and solutions are designed to provide direct support for long term business growth to our clients with new customers and markets.

The nTeTe Group is active in many industries including Telecommunications, Handset Manufacturers and Networks, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Medical Devices. Current and previous clients include many well-known global brands.

Early stage companies (young and maturing stage) work with us to evolve their strategy, gain support and direction whether in leadership, intellectual property, operations, funding or sales/marketing.

Medium and larger companies work with us to help them refine their ability to embrace external innovation without the cost of setting up and resourcing a dedicated team.

Definition is key:
nTeTe [en-ti-tee]
1. Has a reality based existence.
2. Distinct, Independent, Self-contained,
gives and receives special treatment.
3. Of an essential nature.

The nTeTe Group
Strategy | Innovation | Execution
Operating in the US/Europe with deep experience in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East and Asia for over 25 years.