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One minute manager – Chris Hare

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Chris Hare of The nTete Group gives PM his thoughts on motivation and delegation as part of running a successful business.

Motivating your team is key. When you look down through your business, despite all the different ways of measuring it, success in business is about great people.

Sometimes it’s best to lead from the back. I do lead from the front, but I lead from the back often also. If you consistently lead from the front, you can get in the way of good people who are capable of striking their own course. You have to make it clear that if they make a mistake, you can come back and fix it together, but don’t get in their way it will slow down their development and growth of the organisation. You need to develop people to make sure that when they do get thrown in the deep end, they won’t sink.

Delegate half your job. If you did that you might think you’d spend 50% of your time looking out of window. But in fact use the capacity you create to think about strategy without getting distracted by day-to-day tactics. You can also use the time to take tasks and projects from your leadership to help them fulfill their role. In this way create an upward spiral where you have created value up through the team.

Chris Hare heads The nTete Group a US based global strategy and innovation licensing consulting company for wireless markets founded in 1999. He is also Partner in MoveableCode a media and connected device strategy business. He is a CMI Companion.

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